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We test most plant and extract samples from growers or non licensed consumers in compliance with the Rules Pertaining to the Administration and Enforcement of the Industrial Hemp Regulatory Program Act.   

We provide quantitative low cost aflatoxin testing in peanuts and grain using Neogen Reveal Q+ tests and Mobile Assay Inc. mReader detection.

Colorado Cannabis Testing Regulation 

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Analytical testing for the most common cannabinoids found in hemp

Quantitative aflatoxin testing 

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We perform quantitative testing for the major cannabinoids including; THCA, CBDA, THC, CBD, CBC, THCV, CBG, and CBN.  We use HPLC with UV detection and the highly efficient Restek Raptor™ ARC-18 LC Column.

Flatirons Diagnostics

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  • Food Safety Testing
  • Cannabinoid Quantitative Potency and Profile Analysis using HPLC-UV 
  • Pesticide Residue Analysis
  • Microbial Testing